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LimmudBoston eFestival January 23, 2022

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Sunday Salons March 7 & 14 2021

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LimmudBoston eFestival November 15, 2020

LimmudFest 2020 Overview

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LimmudBoston eFestival May 3, 2020

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LimmudFest 2019 Honoring Steffi Aronson Karp

More than 500 Attend LimmudFest 2019!

LimmudFest 2019 brought more than 500 people together last November at our beautiful new venue, filling the 384 Harvard Campus in Brookline with a community of eager students along their Jewish journeys. Great learning, performances and panels formed the foundation of LimmudFest 2019's exciting program. To mark LimmudBoston’s 10th anniversary and celebrate our founder Steffi Aronson Karp's devotion and accomplishments, the community came together in a gathering with uplifting music, joyous celebration, and a rabbinic panel about the landscape and future of Jewish learning.

Pictures from LimmudFest 2019

2019 Festival Video

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2019 LimmudFest Program Book

Eishet Chayil (Here Comes a Woman of Valor) - music and lyrics by Joel Segel


LimmudBoston 2018

Pictures from LimmudBoston 2018

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LimmudBoston 2017

Pictures from LimmudBoston 2017

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Concert 2017

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Chai Alive! Video Project 2017


LimmudBoston 2016

Conference 2016 Schedule, Presenters, Friends & Exhibitor

2016 LimmudBoston Program Book

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LimmudBoston 2015

Session Video from LimmudBoston 2015 - Chiasms: the Bible’s Dazzling Literary Structure

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2015 LimmudBoston Program Book

Chai Alive! Video Project 2015


LimmudBoston 2014

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2014 LimmudBoston Program Book


LimmudBoston 2013

Conference 2013 Schedule, Speakers, Exhibitos & Attendees

2013 LimmudBoston Program Book


LimmudBoston 2012

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2012 LimmudBoston Program Book


LimmudBoston 2011

Conference 2011 Schedule, Speakers & Attendees

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LimmudFest is a happening, a volunteer-driven celebration of Jewish culture and identity. From storytelling, music and meditation to Torah and Talmud, LimmudBoston offers inspiration and education – engaging beginners and scholars alike.

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