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Sunday November 15, 2020

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Because presenting online is different than teaching
or performing in person, we have extended the deadline
for SESSION PROPOSALS to July 13, 2020.

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Hold the Date for LimmudFest 2020!

LimmudBoston’s annual festival of Jewish learning will be held
on November 15, 2020 online as an eFestival.

Deadline for Session Proposals - July 13, 2020

Keep checking back here for details and watch for email updates.


Read the Jewish Advocate June 26, 2020
article by Joni Shockett, "Limmud makes lemonade, moves conference online."

LimmudBoston's May 3rd eFestival Exceeds Expectations!

Limmud brings people together to take them one step further on their Jewish journeys. During the days when the world was quarantined, LimmudBoston put forth the notion that while we are in isolation, we need not be alone. BE A PART, NOT APART captured that essence in our first-ever eFestival taught by two rabbis and a rabbinical student from the LimmudBoston board, exploring the overall theme of “Finding your path: Jewish Responses to life in Unsettling Times.” Click here for presentations, resources and more.

What people had to say about eFestival May 3, 2020

"Thanks, Naomi (Gurt Lind), for a beautiful session. I understand why this is your calling!"

"Thank you Marcia (Plumb)! Lovely session. Seder/order is a more complicated topic than meets the eye."

"Terrific, informative presentation, Julie (Wolkoff). Thank you!"

"I am a physician and have had experience taking care of patients at the end of life but, until today, I had no education about the Jewish viewpoint! This was helpful and gave me a lot to think about."

"Joining from London, UK - thanks for making this happen! So far today, I’ve been at Limmuds in China, UK, Bulgaria, Mallorca and now Boston - amazing!"

"Thank you for today LimmudBoston! Greetings from Ukraine"

"So good to be together! Thank you, everyone!"

More than 500 Attend LimmudFest 2019!

LimmudFest 2019 brought more than 500 people together last November at our beautiful new venue, filling the 384 Harvard Campus in Brookline with a community of eager students along their Jewish journeys. Great learning, performances and panels formed the foundation of LimmudFest 2019's exciting program. To mark LimmudBoston’s 10th anniversary and celebrate our founder Steffi Aronson Karp's devotion and accomplishments, the community came together in a gathering with uplifting music, joyous celebration, and a rabbinic panel about the landscape and future of Jewish learning.

See you at LimmudFest 2020!

Steffi and Emma at the cake at LimmudFest 2019
Dana Klein at Registration LimmudFest 2019

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