Teens at LimmudBoston

Here’s what we can offer for teens (ages 15-18) who wish to attend LimmudBoston:

Teen Groups at LimmudBoston

Teens Teaching at LimmudBostonWe welcome teens to attend LimmudBoston as part of a pre-existing group they belong to (such as Prozdor, Youth groups, Diller Teens, etc.). LimmudBoston will work with groups of teens who attend as a group and come with a supervisory group leader. We suggest one group leader for every 10 teens.

Groups will be given a meeting space when they arrive to review the schedule of learning opportunities in the Program Book and decide which programs they will attend as a group and which sessions they will attend in small groups of 2-4 teens. No advance registration for individual sessions is necessary. If requested, groups may also meet together following their time in conference sessions to debrief their experience. Groups may also volunteer at the conference.

In addition to attending learning sessions teens may also attend the other LimmudBoston offerings. The full schedule will be online by mid-November.

To arrange for your group to attend LimmudBoston contact us at info@limmudboston.org.

Individual Teens at LimmudBoston

Teens may also attend LimmudBoston participating as individuals in the full conference, but should be accompanied by an adult.

Questions?? Contact us at info@limmudboston.org.

Teens at LimmudBoston supported by an Innovation Grant from Combined Jewish Philanthropies.

Supported by CJP