Friends of LimmudBoston 2016

Thank you to all the Friends and Supporters of LimmudBoston 2016! Without your generous support, LimmudBoston would not exist.

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A wonderful way to support our work is to become a Friend of LimmudBoston. Find out more here.

Pillars – $500 and above

Prophets – $360 and above

Scholars – $180-359

Learners – $118-179

Well-wishers – $72-$117

Please visit the page in order to see the list of Friends of LimmudBoston. Note: The Friends list is created using LinkView. To edit the Friends list, select the “Links” option from the left admin bar. Add friends by adding the link and giving it the category of prophet, scholar, or student. Remove friends by removing those categories from the link. For more information click “about linkview” from the Links option.