LimmudBoston 2017 is no longer accepting session proposals for Dec. 3.  See you at the conference. NOW is the time to think about what you'll offer NEXT year!

REGISTER [click!] here for LimmudBoston.

  1. Find Session Proposal Link in your confirmation email. It will look like the image on the right. Read down to discover the session proposal link right under the line that reads, "Thank you for registering for the...."

  2. See SAMPLE PROPOSAL FORM here. [click!]

  3. Submit completed session proposal.

The Program Team seeks creative, dynamic, enticing sessions.

Like all Limmuds throughout the world, everyone attends as a learner. Presenters are also attendees, thus please plan on attending the conference for the day in addition to your session.  The registration confirmation email contains the link for the Presenter Proposal Form.

We welcome sessions on all Jewish topics, at many levels and in diverse media. Offer your passion: conventional or un-. Hands-on programs are especially welcome.

Multiple submissions are welcome. Kindly complete one proposal form for each session submitted. The Program Team might choose only one, as we try to include as many presenters as possible.

Consider, too, offering a session for "Parent & Me" programs.

If event registration fee is a hardship, write to to discuss a registration adjustment.

Presenters will be notified on a rolling basis, starting mid-August.

Conference registration may be found HERE.

Authors/Performers/Artists: YES! You may sell your books/CDs/artwork at LimmudBoston. NO! You may not use your session just to sell your book. Sessions are your opportunity to teach, engage, entertain and inspire. Books may be sold in the lobby at the Authors' Table. They may be sold outside of your classroom--but please keep hallways relatively quiet between sessions.