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Dates 2018:

Propose by: 9/28

Hear by: 10/15

Confirm & Register by: 10/21

Presenter FAQs

To propose a session, complete the form on this page. We hope all who propose sessions will attend. If your session is accepted, you agree to register for the conference.

Q. How does LimmudBoston work?  A: Multiple one-hour sessions are offered simultaneously throughout the day. Presenters are encouraged to attend other sessions.

Q: How do I propose a session for LimmudBoston?  A: Complete the form for Program Team review.

Q: What topics may I cover?  A: Share your knowledge and passions! As long as there is a reasonable Jewish connection to your presentation, the sky is the limit.

Q: Is there a required format?  A: Engage your participants! Consider hands-on and participatory sessions and groups or panels. LimmudBoston attracts a diverse audience with Jews from across religious, political, ethnic, educational and demographic associations.

Q: May I include other presenters?  A: Absolutely! Invite others to join you in presenting multiple points of view. This form offers space for as many as 5 presenters. Write if you need room for more.

Q: How does the Program Team select proposals?  A: We make decisions in order to create a balanced program. We cannot guarantee that all proposals will be accepted.

Q: May I propose more than one session?  A: Yes, however, in order to present as many speakers as possible the Program Team usually accepts only one.

Q: When will I know? A: Applicants will be notified as early as possible. We aim to notify by mid-October.

Q: Technology in my session?  A: Please know your own technology. LimmudBoston borrows some CJP projectors, but presenters must bring their own laptops and connecting cords. Internet access is not guaranteed. If you want to use something from the Internet, be sure to download it onto your system.

Q: What AV and other equipment will be available?  A: Bring what you need. Most of the session rooms do not have podiums or easels. Many have white boards, but you should indicate on your application that you need a white board. Microphones are limited, so please indicate if you need one. For Shabbat programs at local synagogues, AV and music must be in accordance with the policies of the host synagogue.

Q: Do I have to pay to attend LimmudBoston?  A: Yes. Like Limmuds worldwide, all participants and all volunteers REGISTER* and pay toward attendance in order to demonstrate the value of acquiring Jewish education. LimmudBoston, like other Limmud conferences worldwide, is volunteer-driven. Many people give considerable amounts of time to creating the conference, whether presenting, organizing, cooking, cleaning up and generally helping. We all pay to attend. Special arrangements can be made for people who cannot afford to attend. Please write to and include contact information if requesting financial assistance.

Q: May I sell my books, CDs, etc, at LimmudBoston?  A: YES! Presenters may sell books and materials at LimmudBoston. NO! You may not sell during your session. You may sell outside of your classroom after your session! (Quietly! There may be another session in that room.) There is an author's table in the exhibit hall where presenters may sell their books and other relevant items. LimmudBoston is not responsible for watching over or selling your products.

Q: I have a question that hasn’t been answered here. What do I do?  A: If you have questions about presenting, email our Programming Team at

*Registration form will be open soon.

Session Proposal Form: 2018

We welcome your proposal for LimmudBoston!  LimmudBoston is all about:

Jewish Learning * Community and Diversity * Volunteerism

You may make a proposal on any topic that touches on any aspect of the Jewish community or experience that you're passionate about and want to share with others. See FAQ for more details.

Please note:

  • Every LimmudBoston presenter is also an attendee for the day, with all volunteers and others.
  • All volunteers and presenters register for LimmudBoston with the fee. You may register at the early bird price with your proposal.
  • See dates to the left. Propose by September 28. Expect to hear about your proposal by October 15. If accepted, you must finalize details and register by October 21; without completed registration your presentation will not be included in the program.
  • Consider the international Limmud Values in shaping your presentation!
  • Presenters help LimmudBoston  by encouraging their communities to attend the conference.
  • The program book is created from your information on this form. Please do not use ALL CAPS, as it requires additional work on our part.
Text in this form will go into the program book. NO ALL CAPS!*

Reminder: Your session text and bio will go into the program book. NO ALL CAPS!*
Bio: 55 words max. (NO ALL CAPS!)Session Title:
Session Description (Up to 3 sentences):Session Type:

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