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What is LimmudBoston?

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LimmudBoston is more than just an all-day conference of Jewish learning.  It’s a happening, a Jewish learningfest of culture and identity. From storytelling, music and meditation to Torah and Talmud, LimmudBoston offers inspiration and education – engaging beginners and scholars alike. Discuss, listen, watch and wonder–in workshops that explore lifecycle, Israel, spirituality and identity. Dance and clap; sing and shop; bake and taste!

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No matter where you are on the spectrum of Jewish living, there is more to learn and more to do. As we learn from Pirke Avot, “Turn it and turn it for everything is in it, and through it you will perceive clearly.” — Pirkei Avot, Chapters of the Sages. 5:26

LimmudBoston is an innovative, volunteer-driven celebration of Jewish lifelong learning for the entire community, beginner to scholar and young to young-at-heart. We present the best in Jewish scholarship, arts, music and community opportunities.

One of 60+ Limmud conferences worldwide that model the very successful Limmud UK, LimmudBoston recognizes that everyone is a learner—and everyone can be a presenter. LimmudBoston offers over 100 learning presentations and hands-on sessions covering Torah text, Jewish identity, movement, meditation, music, food, lifecycle, theory and practice—and more.

Camp Limmud

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The Camp Limmud program offers child care and programming for children ages 3-14. Presenters from LimmudBoston have also presented for the Camp Limmud kids. Camp Limmud participation is by reservation only.

The LimmudBoston Shabbat Experience

Get a jump on LimmudBoston with one of the exciting LimmudBoston Shabbat experience programs in area synagogues. LimmudBoston presenters serve as visiting scholars throughout the area. Learn more on our Shabbat Experience page.  Your Shabbat community can be one of a select group of Boston area synagogues to host a special Shabbat learning opportunity in conjunction with our upcoming LimmudBoston conference.

Everyone is welcome at LimmudBoston

LimmudBoston offers lots of points of view. LimmudBoston events are for beginners and scholars; the young and the young-at-heart. The Limmud flavor includes diversity of presenters, topics, style, age, participation, gender participation and traditions.

For more information on attending as a teenager, see this page.

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